FREEDOM Personal Watercraft Policy

Regardless of whether your yacht stands on the pier or cuts the waves of the deep blue sea, it needs reliable insurance protection.

The FREEDOM Personal Watercraft Policy предлагаем индивидуальные программы страхования для яхт и катеров. It insures personal watercraft and mini-jet boats which have a maximum carrying capacity of 6 people, a maximum length of 18 feet, a maximum of 2 inboard engines, and are propelled by impeller drive/jet drive.

Their contracts include the maximum number of all kinds of risks from which they protect you. The following are the main and additional risks that the FREEDOM Personal Watercraft Policy protects against:

The main risks:

  1. The complete loss of the vessel (both physical and structural – when the cost of repair exceeds the cost of the object itself);
  2. Theft;
  3. Damage that occurred during the operation and storage of the vessel.

The insurance reimburses losses associated with the complete loss of the insured object, both actual and constructive, as well as the costs of repairing damage to the hull, mechanisms, equipment resulting from:

  • fire or explosion, natural disaster;
  • damage to machinery and equipment;
  • capsizing, aground, collisions with other vessels, floating and stationary objects;
  • accidents during loading or unloading operations, as well as raising and launching of the insured vessel by water, reloading or reinstallation during storage;
  • illegal actions of third parties, including as a result of the theft of the insured object or its parts.

Additional risks:

  1. Damage / theft of the vessel during transportation;
  2. Liability of the shipowner to third parties for damage caused by the insured ship to floating and stationary objects as a result of bulk and collisions;
  3. Liability of the shipowner for harm caused to the life and health of third parties;
  4. Liability of the shipowner for damage to the environment;
  5. Participation in races and regattas.

The standard “package” consists of physical Damage Coverage, Personal Watercraft Liability Coverage, and Medical Payments Coverage.