Online Payment

Now you can buy insurance online. You don’t need to go anywhere, it will be sent to you by e-mail.

We have long been buying household appliances through online stores, ordering food home and office, paying online for an apartment, mobile phone, kindergarten, courses, buying movie tickets without visiting the ticket office, booking a table in a cafe and restaurant through a computer or a smartphone. This way of shopping has already become common for us.

Now you can safely add insurance online to this series. You can buy insurance from a computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere and anytime – on the street, at home, in public transport, in cars, at the airport, and at the train station.

How to buy insurance online?

Everything is simple. To do this, you need:

  1. go to your personal account, register or go through authorization, if you already have a username and password;
  2. fill in all personal data;
  3. select the menu item, which sounds like “buy insurance online”;
  4. choose the type of insurance and fill in the required fields;
  5. get a code for payment and pay within one day via mobile banking / Internet banking.

After you’ve made a payment, you will receive an insurance contract by email. IMPORTANT: you don’t need to go anywhere for insurance; you can print it from your computer, save it to a computer or mobile device, or simply store it in the email.