How To Submit An Insurance Claim?

  1. If an insured event has occurred, you must first seek medical help (if required);
  2. Notify the company about an insurance event. Report the event in any available way: send a message to email, inform by phone. It is necessary to notify of an insurance event within 30 days from the date of the event;
  3. Provide a complete list of documents, the list of which depends on the type of contract and risks. All provided certificates of the insured event must be filled out correctly. Both originals and certified copies are accepted for consideration. All medical documents are certified by the institutions that created them, and other documents must be stamped by a notary or the issuing authority (court, police, prosecutor’s office). If necessary, the company can request any documents evidencing the occurrence of the insured event, and independently investigate all the circumstances of the case;
  4. Send the package to the Insurer. You can often do it by filling out a claim on the company’s website with the required documents attached.

The term for consideration of the claim is usually 10 working days (exceptions occur). Payment is made in accordance with the policy conditions to the insurance contract.