Pacific Cup Race Endorsement

The 2020 Pacific Cup will start on June 29, 2020, and invites well-prepared boats to race. Started in 1980, the Pacific Cup Race has been enjoyed by thousands of racers.

Competition format

Sailing competitions are held at a speed — the one who passes the established distance faster becomes the winner of the race. The participants start at the same time. But hey do not start from a place but can maneuver as they want. But until the start, they should not cross the line between the two starting buoys. After the “Start open” signal, the yachts can cross the starting line and move along the set distance to the finish line.

The distance consists of several buoys that must be passed in a certain sequence, bypassing each buoy from a certain side, as the organizers of the competition indicate. The winner is the one who passes all the buoys in the correct sequence and comes to the finish line from the right side and faster than others. For competitions of yachts with different speed characteristics, a handicap is sometimes introduced – a set of individual yacht coefficients and a formula according to which the time for which the yacht has traveled is recounted.

Race difficulties

The intrigue of sailing racing consists not only in the technique of controlling the yacht to maintain maximum speed but also in the fact that for a yacht it is not always the fastest route from one buoy to another (it is generally impossible to direct the next sign against the wind), there can be different currents at a distance, wind speed and direction also vary in distance. In addition, the speed of the yacht varies depending on what angle it goes to the direction of the wind. Therefore, this is not just a competition for speed but the ability to see, anticipate and correctly use currents and changes in the direction and strength of the wind at a distance, as well as optimally plot a course so that the elongation of the distance can more than be compensated due to a different angle of the yacht to the wind.